Card & Tag Distributions – Sat. Apr. 26

Ladies and Gentleman. We have word from the County that the access system has been fixed at the park. We will begin a proper relaunch next Saturday 4/26/14. We will be at the HoneyGo Run Park Rec Office from 9:00am until 2:00pm that day for those who need their packets, card return for those that turned their cards into us and need them back, and card exchange for those that still have cards that do not work. We will be performing these services ONLY at that time. Please bring your card with with you if you need an exchange otherwise there is a $20 fee for replacing any lost or damaged cards. If you bring in a registration form for the first time on Saturday DO NOT plan on getting a card immediately. We have to make sure that we have all of our original paid members taken care of first as they have been waiting patiently for some time.

If you have registered already but have not sent all proper paperwork in to us, please do so immediately. The mail was picked up from the Rec Center on Friday and will be checked again on Monday, anyone mailing items in or dropping them off must have mail there by Monday evening to be processed for the 4/26 pickup. Anyone who has registered or is registering online must have done so and provided ALL proper paperwork by Thursday 4/24/14 at 5:00pm.

The gates will remain in their current open status until we have progressed through the redistribution. All of the volunteers on the Board thank you again for your cooperation and understanding during this time where we were being given very limited information ourselves.

Once the gates are secured, we are operating under SOP(Standard Operating Procedure). This means that all of the rules and regulations that you signed off on when applying for your membership will be enforced. We know the park has been somewhat of a Wild West free for all for a bit but this will change. For your safety, the safety of your animals and others, please follow the rules. If you witness rules being broken, you may report them anonymously to us at and our Rules Committe will look into the issue further. Among all, DO NOT allow access to the park to people that do not belong there. If they have a card and it doesn’t work, there may be a reason for that and they need to contact the Membership Committee to resolve.

Thanks again & See You At The Park!
Perry Paw Dog Park Board

Card access system update

We continue to work with the county on getting the lock access system operational. This is as frustrating for you as it is for us. The gates will remain open at this time while we try to get the system working. The dog park is a member based use facility. All rules are to be followed. All dogs should display their identification tags. Memberships can still be applied for through the web site. The membership team is processing memberships as quickly as possible. Most all of the volunteers on the board also have full time jobs. So it does take some time to get to all the paperwork. Please be patient.

Registrations are flooding in!

Please keep in mind that the Perry Paw Dog Park Committee is an all volunteer organization. With the excitement of the park opening we are receiving a lot of in inquiries. We will respond to all requests received, but please allow time for a response before sending a second message.

The best way to register is online with documents then emailed to Documents for online registration still have to be validated and matched to the participant in order to complete processing.

Registrations sent by mail will take longer to process as mail is checked a few times a week. Registrations (online or by mail) that are are incomplete and still need documentation or were processed online with paper documents then mailed will be delayed as we match up and validate those items.

Thank you for your patience!


Access Card & Park Tag Distribution

The Grand Opening will be Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 10:30 AM.
The board will be starting at
at the park from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (except during the grand opening festivities) for new member sign up and for members already signed up to pick up access cards and identification tags.

All members who have pre-registered and provided the appropriate Rabies Certificate & County Animal License to us by Thursday, April 3rd at 5pm can pick up cards & tags at the grand opening. To allow our volunteers time to process registrations, anyone registering online or by mail after Thursday, April 3rd at 5pm will be contacted about the next card/tag distribution. Bring a picture ID to pick up your access card and ID tags. 

New members signing up on Grand Opening day MUST bring a COPY of your Rabies Certificate & County Animal License for the city/county you reside in with dates and numbers clearly displayed in order to complete your registration. Do not bring the original documents as we need to keep a copy on file. Access cards & ID Tags cannot not be distributed without these documents.

Due to limited availability no extra cards will be available for purchase at this time.

If you cannot make the Grand Opening, members of the board will also be at the park Sunday, April 6th. Check back for times. After the Grand Opening we will either set up additional card/tag distribution days or mail them out depending how many cards still need to be distributed at that point.

See you at the Park!

Perry Paw Dog Park Committee

Grand Opening!


The grand opening for Perry Paw Dog Park is set for Saturday, April 5 at 10:30 AM. Perry Paw Dog Park will be a member use facility for dogs that are friendly and socialized. This will be a celebration of a long needed amenity for the Perry Hall community. We invite all community members to come and join us for this grand event.

Applications for membership will begin March 15, 2014. The lock system stills needs to be installed and we still need some details on how that will function. We have been assured it should be operational as soon as the weather lets the contractor complete the installation. If you sign up please keep in mind that we will get pass cards distributed as soon as possible.

For details on membership see Rules, Registration, and FAQ’s above. Follow us on Facebook at Perry Paw Dog Park for the latest updates and announcements.

Dog Park Construction

Anyone who has been at Perry Paw Dog Park knows it is an actual dog park and it looks great. Everyone is eager to start signing up members. There are two important parts that need to be worked out. The electronic sign up system has a few bugs to work out. The more important thing is the card reader access system. We want to be sure that we have that process worked out so we can distribute cards once it is up and operational. We do not want dues paying members to be locked out. Once that is operational and we have been trained on how to provide cards we should be ready to go. Over the next weeks or so we will post our membership documents on rules and try to outline the membership process. More to come.



As many of you know, we have been working toward building the Perry Paw Dog Park to be located at Honeygo Regional Park. The Perry Paw Dog Park committee has been approved as a self-operating entity within the Perry Hall Recreation Council.

We began this mission with the understanding that Baltimore County had no funding available for a dog park. To date, Baltimore County has fully funded two dog parks – (Paw Point Dog Park and Hannah More Dog Park). Perry Paw Dog Park was the third proposed dog park in the County and first to be accountable for its own funding. While this was not exactly how we had hoped to move forward, we understood that current economic conditions affect this type of financial support and we accepted the challenge. The Department of Parks and Recreation granted use of a designated location at Honeygo Regional Park, but funding all additional costs involved is currently left to the citizens and businesses willing to support its construction. Over the past year, we have raised approximately $20,000. For that, we are truly grateful.

Much more money is needed in order to make Perry Paw Dog Park a reality. We were told that the fourth proposed dog park will be in Dundalk and it will receive County funding. There will now be a total of four dog parks in Baltimore County with only one having to pay its own way. We are without a clear explanation as to why. Why should the Perry Hall residents be the only County citizens to have to pay for their dog park?

Our County Councilman, David Marks, has been a strong advocate for our dog park and helped secure the location and obtain funding. Other elected officials, such as Senator Kathy Klausmeier and Delegate Eric Bromwell have also helped. Not only will we continue to ask for donations, but we are asking you to contact our County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz to ask for his support by providing funding for Perry Paw Dog Park. Kevin Kamenetz is currently developing the County’s budget to present to the County Council.

Now is the time to let him know we want funding for the Perry Paw Dog Park. We need everyone’s help. We’ve heard from you. We know that you want this park. Now, we need Mr. Kamenetz to hear you, too. Please contact our County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz to ask for his support by providing funding for Perry Paw Dog Park.

Here’s his contact info
County Executive Kevin Kamenetz
400 Washington Avenue, Mailstop 2M01A
Old Courthouse Mezzanine
Towson, Maryland 21204

Phone: 410-887-2450
Fax: 410-887-4049

Please be firm but polite and ask for his help.

Please visit our website and Facebook page for info as it becomes available.

The Perry Paw Dog Park Committee